OCLC Research mini-symposium on the discovery and use of open (digitized) collections

Dr Paul Gooding, Principal Investigator for the GDD Network project, gave a talk at this symposium in June 2019 about the project.

The event was organsised by OCLC Research for library professionals from the Netherlands and OCLC staff members from across Europe.

Titia van der Werf, Senior Program Officer in OCLC Research, summarised the event in a blog, in which she explains that the format was an intensive three-hour session with speakers addressing these key aspects of the theme:

  1. access to content in digital libraries (image interoperability: IIIF),
  2. discovery of this content (the GDD Network project) and
  3.  use – with a real-world example of a digital scholarship workflow for philosophers (the CatVis project).

You can see Paul’s presentation here

The slides for all the presentations, including Paul’s, are available on the OCLC website.